Haileigh L. Minnesota

Bilingual education

America should invest in using bilingual education to teach English to non-native learners.

Dear President,

As we accept immigrant families into our country, they must be assimilated into our culture. Becoming fluent in the English language is a key component to success in America. Immigrant children cannot be simply thrown into English-only schools - rather, they should be taught a mixture of English and the language they speak at home. Knowing English will benefit them greatly in America, as they will be able to comprehend and stand up against the racism they often face and drag themselves out of poverty, something many poor immigrant families get lost in. Knowing English will decrease dropout rates and make our country look better overall. The language is simply vital to finding a job in America and becoming a citizen.

Children who learn English alongside their native language will also most likely feel secure and engaged in the classroom, as they do not have to completely erase their native culture. They learn English quickly, but comfortably. In classrooms that teach three or more languages, students will also be able to find a kind of unity between their cultures and create the shared society that America needs. If we really want to end violence and racism in America, bilingual education is a necessity.