Holly C. Minnesota

Depression in America

Dear Mr. Future President, America may be the land of the free, however we are not the land of the well. The mental illness, depression, has been on the rise since the 21st century and is every growing in the adolescence of our country. The statistic that one in three adolescents in America have some sort of mental illness, emphasizes that something needs to be done fast. For that reason, I believe that it is crucial for our society to offer some sort of government-covered therapy program to address those who need help. Therapy is not cheap, and the options that are more affordable and offered for those under 18 require parent approval, something that can interfere with the decision to go get help. This type of government-funded therapy should be available to anyone whether it is a homeless person or even a released criminal. When you have a society that takes care of their people physically and mentally, they take care of their society. In the current day we still have people who are mentally unwell and unable to get help, this can lead to self harm, including suicide, or even result in the next mass shooter. For this reason, I strongly believe that the USA must fund therapy programs so society can prosper as a whole.