Jenifer R. Minnesota


An immigration reform should be developed.

Dear Next President,

Throughout the time, immigration has always been an issue that seems to be unsolvable, since many people don’t agree with what should be done to help fix our faulty immigration system. I believe that an immigration reform should be created for the immigrants currently living in the U.S. It would be very helpful, especially for those with a family, this should permit them to at least get a license and a working permit.

In the U.S. today there are around 11 million illegal immigrants. Most of those immigrants only come here to the U.S. to give their family a better life or to come and fulfill what could be known as the “American Dream”. These illegal immigrants work on a daily basis and sometimes work in many jobs, just to maintain their family. Unfortunately those immigrants don’t actually have a working permit and forces them to work long hours for minimum pay.

People that aren't legally allowed to be in the usa, are not allowed to have a license. We all know that without a license in this country life can be very difficult, especially in a state where it is really cold during the winter. Immigrants still drive without a license, yet they get stopped by the police and therefore get deported, due to the fact that they were driving without a license and they’re illegally here. According to an article written in the Pew Research Center, “Most of the growth in the number of deported immigrants has come from those deported for reasons other than a criminal conviction.” This basically states that most of the illegal immigrants who are deported, have not committed any serious crime.

Like any issue in the world, there are people who believe that an immigration reform should not be created and most importantly that all the illegal immigrants should go back to where they originally came from. They believe that these people are all criminals, rapists, along with many other things. The people who believe this, also think that immigrants are going to steal their jobs, but people that are against it actually don’t think things through, and don’t comprehend that the jobs the immigrants are working, are the ones no one wants to work in.

Immigration will always be a controversial issue in the United States, but I believe that an immigration reform should be created for the illegal immigrants and their families. It could be a beneficial decision, not only for the immigrants, but also for the country.


Jenifer Rocha Olalde

10th Grade

South Saint Paul, MN