Cristina New York

Our Concerns. (LGBTQ+ Community)

What will our next president do for us?

Dear Future President,

Our generation consists of diverse, open-minded thinkers who are optimistic about our futures. Each of us have our own beliefs, traditions and fears. One of these fears is that throughout your presidency, you will completely diminish the chances of our growing liberal views on such things as abortion, government involvement, LGBTQ rights, as well as much more. One of the issues that we are very concerned with is the full acceptance of LGBTQ people in our society. We fear that you will take away all of the progress that has been made and cause us to regress further and further back to square one.

How do we know that you will not try to take away the rights of people of the LGBTQ community and the freedoms that were so "graciously" given to them?  After all, your comments on the LGBTQ community are completely nauseating as well as your running mate Mike Pence’s views on gay people. In an interview with Fox News, you stated that you would "strongly consider" appointing Supreme Court justices to overrule the decision on same sex marriage. How do you expect the community of people not to be scared of what you will try to do?

Another problem the LGBTQ community is concerned with is Mr. Pence’s ideologies. According to CNN, he signed a bill that allows businesses to discriminate and deny services to LGBTQ people. This sort of "Kim Davis" style discrimination is what the community is afraid of. This is a much too conservative view and in no way does it promote equality. How will members of the LGBTQ community live their lives constantly being discriminated against? Is that what you want our country to be based on? It is a complete regression for what we as a country were trying to diminish.

Everyone is scared you are promoting discrimination to your peers. According to CNN, there has been an increase in anti-trans legislation. They also said that in 2017 it is set to increase under your presidency. With your idea of promoting the protection of transgender people ONLY by state law, it shows you aren't trying to help equality in ALL of America. Your ideas make the ideologies of discrimination flourish.

What will you do to help us? So far all we see is hate and the disregard for any sort of equality. How is discrimination a sign of America being great again? These are my concerns and I hope you will consider them.