Sydney H. Minnesota

LGBQT Adoption Rights

LGBTQ citizens/couples don't have the right to adopt children in most states.

Dear Future President,

I feel as if you one of your first moves as president should be to address the fact that LGBTQ citizens and couples should have the right to adopt. I’m addressing this to you because many straight couples that have the privilege of having children don’t cherish that or want the child. So, to resolve that issue why not give more couples who can’t have children on their own the blessing of raising a child themselves. After all, they want a child.

To continue on with the issue, here is an example of how many take this opportunity for granted, “Me pregnant? Couldn’t be. I wasn’t ready for this. But the little pink plus sign doesn’t lie” ( This quote helps to show how many couples have the ability to have children of their own but aren’t ready to take on the responsibility. Furthermore, there are others that feel the same way I do, take my fellow supporter Heather F. for example: “Many straight couples accidentally have kids that they really do not want. LGBT parents show more love and care to kids because it is a miracle when they can have one.” As you can see many others are realizing this given issue and something needs to be done about it.

Now to resolve this burden is quite simple, all you need to do, Future President make all of this a reality and have adoption for these couples legal in ALL states. As previously stated, many couples have children when they aren’t ready or don’t want them. So why not let someone who does? Join me and the multiplicity of others and give these LGBTQ couples the chance of a lifetime to raise another beautiful American citizen.


Sydney Herrmann

Chaska Middle School East

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