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Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is a very large problem that is growing rapidly in the United states. We as people need to work together in order to end it. Animals in the ocean are suffering from pollution and they have no way to stand up for themselves!!! So lets work together to end ocean pollution

Dear Future President,

I have a very strong topic to share with you. Ocean pollution. Ocean pollution is a very large problem that is rapidly growing in the united states and it all starts with a person, a careless person, a person who doesn't even notice what they are doing wrong the person drops a candy wrapper. This wrapper is the murder weapon. The wrapper seems to have a mind of it's own. It blows through the crisp wind for a day, a night, a morning, and then a new mother sees it she picks it up in her pointed beak and flies to her newborn baby birds. She has been doing this for a few days now not realizing that she is killing her young. When she comes back her babies are dead. What if you were that innocent mother bird and you killed your children. Can you even imagine what thoughts would go through your mind how bad you would feel, how disappointed you would be in yourself. Because of one careless person. This happens over and over and over again each day over thirteen point seven billion birds each day die says Melanie Driscoll because the laziness of a person. To be honest you have most likely been that person without even realizing it. You now know how important this is to me and just to think of how many innocent animals die each day is so depressing because we can prevent the pollution and we can save so many animals!

Let's start on the topic “what is ocean pollution?” well ocean pollution is pretty much what I just explained however there are many types of pollution and different causes of that pollution. Let's begin with non source pollution. Non source pollution is a type of pollution caused by rainfall, oil and cars, pesticides, and many more. The non source pollution spreads off the land and into the oceans, causing many animals to become contaminated by chemicals and that is not safe for their living environment. More and more animals are becoming affected by pollution and it's not their fault animals cannot speak for themselves when there is a problem our job as humans is to speak for our animals and make it safe for them. A second type of pollution is air pollution that turns into ocean pollution. For examples smoke from a chemical plant or car exhaust. These pollutants are originally air pollutions and go through the clouds and rain into the ocean making the water contaminated with the chemicals. Which animals are living in, this is not safe for them and we as a community need to work together to save the animals affected by ocean pollution it only takes one person to change the world why not have you be the person to make a change?

Here is where you can come in. We are people we can start something so huge that it spreads across the whole united states. What I mean is a trend just think we could really change the world and have people want to help! We as a community are capable of so much and don't even realize it! At Lisha Kill middle school we are taking plastic grocery bags and crocheting them into mats for the homeless. These bags would have been thrown away or left to blow in the wind but we found a great new purpose for them. The mats take over 500 bags so if we made 100 mats we would take over 50000 bags and repurpose them to help out someone who really needs it. Another way you can help is by throwing garbage in the trash can. Yes it may seem a bit silly but it's true so many people don't even realize that they are dropping trash! So do them a favor and walk about ten feet to the trash can pop it in and really it's that simple! Another easy way to reduce pollution is you can start to buy in bulk, says NRDC because it reduces plastic use and it's cheaper so it's a win win for people and the environment! Even using reusable bags for groceries can help to reduce the deaths of so many animals! One plastic bag takes 20 to 1000 years to decompose so switching over to reusable bags instead would really save some animals and that is my goal, to save as many animals as possible from pollution.

I really hope that you take my topic into consideration and really work to solve this problem. I feel that if we got together a huge team of volunteers and cleaned up the pollution all over the United states we could really slow down the pollution 80% of ocean pollution starts as land pollution so if we begin to keep our land tidy we are doing the ocean a favor as well. However the pollution will continue to come and people won't stop. If you could possibly make them even more aware of the results that come from polluting compared to how great our country would be without the pollution, I think that we together as a community can make the world a place that we all can be proud of! Just imagine it now... “Come to the united states where we keep our land and oceans clean and safe for the animals!” Just picture the oceans without fishing nets and coffee cups all bobbing in the waves! If you care then please take my idea and expand on it, make it come to life and put an end ocean pollution!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about my idea and to take action for such a huge topic that means so much to me. Remember that you DON'T want to be that lazy human that killed a family because you didn't think to walk over to the trash can and drop a gum wrapper into it.                                                                                                                                                Thanks again


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