Ariely H. New York


How open borders have changed America for the better and the worse.

Dear Mr. President,

The United States is full of immigrants and that’s how this country was built. Others may disagree and want to get rid of immigrants in order to make jobs for Americans instead. I believe we should take action on this situation and let them live here. We should let “good” immigrants stay in the United States and send back the ones who are committing crimes and making this country worse than it already is.

Building a wall between Mexico and United States will be a tough action to do. America is in debt and putting a wall between us will only put our country in even more debt. Instead of trying to better the economy it will make it worse. According to Yale-Loehr, an immigration law professor at Cornell Law School, “...building a wall and strengthening border security, will require Congress to change current law or to agree to spend the billions of dollars such proposal will require.”  This type of project, including deporting 11 million immigrants will potentially increase the United States debt by 400 billion dollars, putting us even more in debt. 

Deporting immigrants will affect them in many ways, not just sending them back to their countries, but also ripping families apart. About 295,000 babies in the United States were born to immigrant parents in 2013, according to There are many children that now have to suffer and be scared for their lives and their parents lives. They may think that now they have to live in a foster home or even go back with their parents to their native land. According to the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, it states, “grants automatic right of citizenship to anyone born in the US.” This means that even though their parents are illegal they are proper citizens. As a country we should protect our citizens.

Another point of view on the situation is that not having a strong border can affect Americans drastically. Not having strong borders can increase terrorist attacks. Terrorists can easily come into our country and cause chaos. In the past few years in Paris there have been an increase in terrorist attacks due to their open borders to other countries. If the United States continues to have open borders, terrorist are going to enter and cause another disaster. According to, “The potential for terrorists entering the United States undetected is high.” With at least 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States and nearly one million immigrants arriving each year.

However I understand that Immigrants have to be deported out the United States. Immigrants are committing dangerous actions in the United States causing it an unsafe country. I believe that if you’re illegal in a different country you should be trying to change your life for the better. Some illegal immigrants do need to be deported, especially if they are a threat to the safety of America. According to W. Gardner Selby article in, “In 2013, there were 18,000 traffic offense, 16,000 driving under the influence, and 10,000 conviction of drugs. Those immigrants are still live in the United States hurting us.” Due to open borders and immigrants still staying in the United States is making America more dangerous than what it is.

Overall I believe we shouldn’t deport all 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. We should let the immigrants who are working hard and doing better for themselves stay and contribute to our economy. I agree with your views that we should deport illegal immigrants that are committing crimes and bringing violence into this country. However, the ways in which you propose to improve our immigration policies are flawed. Children shouldn’t have to suffer and go through a deportation process due to their parents actions. People need more help in obtaining proper legal citizenship. Therefore I’m against full deportation for all illegal immigrants.


Ariely Hernandez