Giuliani California


Many come to the USA to have a better opportunity, many of them come here because their country do not have the same benefit as USA.

Dear President, 

I would like to congratulation you for becoming the president. My name is Giuliani and I am currently a Senior. I am writing today to ask for your help with some immigration issues. I am Mexican, my parents are Mexican, my family is Mexican. My mom had a very hard childhood from having my grandma die when she was 15, leaving her with my grandpa who was paralyzed. After my grandpa die my mom came into the USA because she wasn't able to support herself. Mexico had a very bad economy and she believed coming into the USA would be much better. My mother came here for the "American Dream" and see her only daughter to be successful in life than she did in Mexico. However it was much harder for her. Yes she was able to support herself but she was living under shadows. As I grew older, I would wake up thinking what if my mother does't pick me up from school because "ICE" got her. 

She wasn't able to finish high school because she didn't had enough money to afford the books, uniforms, and utensils for school. My dreams to reach the greatest heights in education to have a better future than what she went through. 

I am begging now for your help to please give a amnesty or something to support people who come to the USA. I am pleading for someone to help. My mother is a good person and a great provider for me. And even though she made some mistakes coming into the USA. She is a hard worker.

 Many immigrants have different stories but they all have the same goal, "The American Dream."