phillip California

Dear Future President

Dear Future president, In America, there are many issues that our country is facing. So... we as citizens of America and you as our leader should work together in order to succeed our goal into making our country a better place to live and for our future generations. Our first step is to recognized one in many problems that is occurring. One of the mayor issue that expresses deep concern for myself is "Unemployment". The reason being, people are losing their jobs due to factory shutdowns, factory moving to different country, lay-offs, and unsatisfactory working conditions . These problems will lead our country into larger dept and will increased the likelihood of recession. Unemployment not only affects the individual, it will eventually affect Tension over taxes rise, health diseases, political issues, more crime and violence, suicide cases, and etc. If this problem gets worst, then our country will eventually fall apart slowly. Sincerely, Phillip Truong

Rancho Bernardo High School


Mrs. Ugalde's sophomore writers

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