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Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S.A.

Dear next President,

One of the major issues in the U.S. is undocumented immigrants, and I believe it shouldn’t be ignored. I am an immigrant myself, and I come from Greece, where in the last two years millions of immigrants came through, on their way to other countries like Germany or Austria. But many of those countries have closed their borders, and the immigrants are stuck in Greece, with nowhere to go. Greece’s economy was really bad at the time, and we were in an economic crisis, and those immigrants didn’t help much, but we still helped them. Now we are trying to find better places for them to live, we are teaching them Greek, and their children go to our schools. What I want to say, is that I know how it is to have so many immigrants, and not knowing what to do with them.

Here, in the United States, 11.1 million immigrants came illegally in the country in 2014, and in 2015 over 400,000 were caught trying to cross the border, which is nothing compared to how many others made it through without getting caught. Most of those immigrants are Latinos, not only from Mexico, but from other countries in Central and South America, too. All those immigrants, instead of having a better life, live in fear of being deported, and most of them live in terrible conditions, and there is no way for them to become citizens. They also experience a great deal of racism, which doesn’t help them with the problems they already have, like trying to not be caught, finding a place to live, and a job so they can get money to eat and provide for their families.

But it isn’t just those who come from another country, there are also those who were born here, have lived their whole life here, but aren’t citizens because their parents came illegally in the U.S. Those people can never achieve much in their lives and get a good job, because if the government discovers that they are not here legally, they will get deported.

Those people have no country, because they aren’t U.S. citizens, but neither any other country's citizens, because they weren’t born there or ever been there. If those people are deported, they have nowhere to go, and no country will accept them, because they have no citizenship.

So, I believe that those people should be treated better, and there should be a way for them to become citizens. There should also be a way for the people who were born here but are not citizens to get citizenship. Those people have no country, and can go nowhere.

If there was a way for those people to become citizens, millions of people would have a much better life, some of them even go to college and get a good job when they graduate. This will help the U.S. too, there will be less undocumented people, which will allow the police and government to work on other things, and we will have helped so many people, too.

That’s why I believe undocumented immigrants shouldn’t be ignored, and deported when they are found, because making a way for them to become citizens, would be very profitable not only for them, but for everyone.


Baker ELA


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