Travis Huey Ohio



Dear Future President:

There are a lot of issues facing our great country today, however, I feel the greatest controversy facing the world today is abortion. When it comes to abortion, I have a conservative outlook on this topic. I believe it should be illegal to abort any conceived human beings, with the exception of rape cases. I think any female who willingly aborts her conceived child without legal consent should be prosecuted and charged with murder, and child endangerment. The fetus inside a woman’s body is not her body.

A total of 699,202 abortions were reported in the US in 2012. That means 699,202 babies were murdered because their mothers did not want the child because it wouldn’t benefit her. Statistics show that women from age 20-30 have the highest abortion rate in this country. Younger females aren’t ready to have a child, but want to initiate sexual intercourse with their significant other because she wants that experience, but she doesn’t want to deal with the consequences that follow. Abortion of all aged women have decreased from 2003-2012. I feel like this number should decrease even more, down to zero, because it is illegal to kill a child once it is already birthed, but when it’s not it apparently has no rights? That fetus is now a living organism that is growing inside the mother. It isn’t just some dog that you can put down, because you can’t take care of it., a liberal site, stated that laws against abortion won’t end abortion, but will only make it less safe for the female to have the abortion. That however is false, because if abortion is outlawed, why would you risk your life getting an abortion when you know it is illegal and unsafe? The site also stated that politicians just want to keep power over people. That contradicts the liberals stand-point on outlawing gun control! The site had mentioned that all politicians against abortion are men, and don’t have to worry about getting an abortion. However I have heard and read many interviews from females against abortion, which includes Sarah Palin.

In conclusion, I feel that abortion should be considered murder, and child endangerment. I feel like nobody, unless they have a rape case (pending or close), should be able to have an abortion. If you are unfit to have a baby in the first place, then why would you give consent and conceive the child? Abortion is murder.


Travis Huey