Salma A. Ohio

Animal testing

Animal testing has to stop

Dear Future President:

There is a big problem that we have to stop. Animal testing is killing animals, and we can’t ignore this problem. I think that you should create laws that could stop this problem. There are a lot of animals that are killed every year. Animals death is horrible, and we have to stop it.

On average about 87% of animal testing fails, and then the animals die. (Animal testing 101) There are a larger number of animal deaths due to testing, such as mice. According to ProCon there are more than 100,000 mice who are killed every single year, and that is a big number for just mice. There are also other animals killed in testing such as rabbits and cats that number into the hundreds of thousands killed each year.

I can’t think how the world will be without animals.And how we kill them and we can’t live without them. But a lot of animals are killed without doing anything, that is bathere make it like that.

Please Mr. President, help animal to live, animals do have rights. Please, create the laws.


Salma Abdelwanes.