Illegal Immigration

Dear Future President, My name is Samuel, and I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I feel that illegal immigration in the United States is a issue and will keep growing unless you, our new president take action. I believe that illegal immigrants should not be tolerated by our society and government. If a foreigner wants to live here in America, they must follow our laws and go through the process to be a citizen. Immigrants should be willing to have background checks unless they have something to hide. It is your duty to serve our country to the best of your ability and stand up to the refugees trying to enter the United States, because we don’t truly know who they are. With more and more illegal immigrants entering our well developed country, the crime rates have skyrocketed. The U.S. Department of Justice in conducted a population study in 2005. The study involved 55,322 unauthorized immigrants in our country. That year there were 459,614 arrests of these people. The worst part is that it is now eleven years later, and the illegal population is growing and nothing has been done about it. Just imagine the risks of having unknown immigrants and possibly terrorists in our country. Who truly can tell if an illegal immigrant is a good person or if they are planning a mass shooting and bomb threat? This decision is in your hands. I ask you to consider whether allowing illegal immigrants is worth the possible fatalities of thousands of citizens. Illegal immigrants also have a drastic effect on the condition of our economy. Immigrants take precious money away from our citizens each year. Based on an article by the Federation for American Immigration Reform written in 2011, United States taxpayers have to pay at least 113 billion dollars a year toward for those immigrants. This money has much better uses, such as helping homeless citizens and getting veterans back on their feet after a brutal war. Each job that an illegal refugee receives takes one away from a United States citizen who desperately needs to provide for their needs and possibly a family. Nobody likes the idea of their children growing up in a community where jobs are constantly being filled by immigrants who are willing to work for lower pay. It is your turn to make the best decision for the citizens of this country, who are fighting hard to get a job and make money. Thankfully, there are so many solutions to end illegal immigration in whole. One approach is to strengthen the forces protecting our border. In 2002, David J. Stoddard, a former patrol officer stated, “"The U.S. Border Patrol simply cannot handle its mission under present restraints.” Based on the fact that more immigrants sneak in each week, something must be done. It is clear as day that we must build up our forces to stop the threat of immigrants. Seeing how often the border is breached by non-citizens brings up one main concern. If some random immigrant can get through, what is stopping a deadly terrorist? Do we want there to be any chance of our enemies having people on the inside? I hope that you, our new president, sees that the answer is clearly, no! Every possible precautionary measure must be taken to stop terrorist threats and illegal immigration before they can get inside. Another solution is known as deportation. We should begin to send non-registered immigrants back to the country they came from. Deporting those who aren’t citizens may cost a pretty good amount of money, but it is worth it. Just the matter at hand of keeping the possible drug-dealers and killers out of our homeland is enough to prove the point. Now, the question is whether you would rather save some money, or put possible criminals and terrorists back in their place. Well, that is your decision to make, and I know you will think hard about it. You have heard my argument against welcoming illegal immigrants into our home, and the choice is all yours. I would like to thank you, President, for listening to my point of view on the matter of illegal refugees. I hope that you have a great term as president and do your duty to our country by making the right choices. Sincerely, Samuel

Illegal Immigration

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