Brooklynn Whittington Ohio


Crime has become a really huge problem in the U.S. and i feel like something needs to be done about the problem.

Dear Future President:

The U.S. has been overfilled with crime and there isn’t anything we can do to completely stop crime. People don’t understand how much crime happens in the United States. According to the FBI National Press Office 1,165,383 crimes were committed just in 2014. In the U.S. there are a lot of crimes committed, according to the 5 most popular are; Larceny/ theft, Burgalry, motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault, and robbery.

According to the FBI National Press Office, since 2014 the percent of violent crimes increased by 3.1%. Although violent crimes increased the percent of property crimes decreased by 3.4%. This information shows that more people are getting security on their house which is decreasing the amount of property crimes. Per 100,000 inhabitants there are about 366 crimes committed according to

The reason I worry about the crimes in the U.S. is because this is my future and I would like to live it without looking over my shoulder all the time. People are always constantly having to look over their shoulders and having to worry about getting kidnapped or raped or even killed. Citizens of the U.S. should feel safe but sadly some don’t even feel safe in their own homes.

Crime is a big problem and I feel like there is something you can do about it. Please consider what I’ve said and maybe possibly put more patrol cars out at night and help people get more security for their homes. Do this not for me do this for the next generation and their safety.


Brooklynn Whittington