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The Utilization Of Energy Recources

While Americans use one-fifth of the Earth's energy resources, our environment is suffering. Are we going to do something or leave things as they are now?

Dear Next President,

I believe the president should focus on implementing the renewable energy sources all over the US and reduce the usage of energy that we utilize now because Americans make it up to 20% of the world's energy savings which means overusing polluting resources such as oil, fuels and etc.

This subject is critical not only for the United States but for the rest of the world as well. Why? Because it is crucial to prevent the consequences of environmental degradation such as the impact on human health, loss of biodiversity, ozone layer depletion and more. The major cause of all those outcomes is pollution. There are lots of scientific evidence that our current energy sources are extremely poor for the environment. They are the reason for the greenhouse effect, air and water pollution, acid rains. If the government and nationality won't acknowledge this issue any time soon, then the world may face the environment degradation in real progress. In other words, I think that the President should put all his efforts towards decreasing the utilization of oil, gas, fossil fuels as the main source of energy by searching for an additional renewable energy resource and implementing the existing ones all over the US. But how?

A couple of useful things have been already tried. For instance, solar panels have been used in the US from around 1970's till now, which wasn't effective enough yet. The main state of solar energy is California, where approximately 3,3 millions of houses have solar panels installed and 13,3 MW of energy produced. Impressive. However, if we will take a look at the second biggest place of solar energy usage, which is Arizona, we will see that the figures plummet to 0,33 millions of houses and 2,3 MW of energy. Another investigated source of ecological energy power is the wind. Wind turbines have been used all over the US from the 80's up until now as well mostly in Iowa, Minnesota and Texas. Even though wind turbines are only suitable for certain areas because of the wind instability and noise, it's still a very inexpensive, environmentally friendly and renewable source of energy.

Narrowing down all my thoughts, I suggest spreading exemplified sources all over the USA and discussing the topic thoroughly with people in charge as well as supporting the idea of installing solar into inhabitant’s houses via mass media. Therefore people would be encouraged to spend money on the idea which they know is worth investing in. The changes cannot make instant results, but what they can make is progress. And progress sometimes is way more important than the final product.

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