Jessica V. California

College Tuition

Enrollment of students into college are being reduced as the price of college tuition remains out of reach.

Dear Future President,

The price of college tuition should be reduced, or even better, free! Though idealistically, free college is never really "free." However, lowering the cost of college will encourage more students to attend their desired school. Students are slaving themselves over their books as they strive to score high on their tests and get good grades. With all their hard work many aspire to go to their dream college, however fall short as they are discouraged by the astonishing price of tuition. Though with the help of financial aid and such, these grants just aren't enough to get them through college without landing them in heaping amounts of debt after they graduate. College tuition must be lowered in order to motivate students to try more in school with the idea that they won't have to stress over shockingly high prices for their future education. Students understand that college will never be free, but lowering prices can tremendously help those who come from low-income families or just those who aren't financially stable enough to support themselves in the four or more so years in college. Many students get a job early on as they are required to fend for themselves throughout their high school years. It is obvious that kids nowadays stress themselves out so much as they are constantly haunted by their future debt from paying off their college tuition. Lowering the price of college or even making it free would allow more people to attain employer-desired credentials, thus many more people would be able to take the "good-paying" jobs that often go unfulfilled. In addition, people would have more freedom to contribute their talents, try new ideas, and pursue the lives they want if they didn't have to start off in debt or stay stuck in a low-wage job. That could lead to happier people. And happier people could lead to a happier, more prosperous nation as a whole. Ultimately, lowering the price of going to college would benefit the nation.