Michael California

Letter to the President

Stricter Gun laws in the United States

Dear future President of the United States,

As you know gun control has been a big issue in the United States. According to the 2nd Amendment, the right to have a regulated Militia for the security of a free State, and the right for all citizens to bear arms should not be infringed upon. As Americans, we know about all of the terrible crimes committed by people with guns, and most of us want this violence to end. It is very hard however to make sure that everyone who owns a gun is not going to use it for evil. At a gun show for instance, anyone can walk in and buy a gun without any sort of screening or background check.

Something must be done in order to keep people safe, knowing that there are people who will use the guns for killing and other evil acts. Although we will never fully be able to end gun violence in America, heightened gun security is the only way to keep people safer from gun violence. Every day 90 people die from gun violence, 31 of those people being murdered. Many of the people who have guns, and go on and kill people are not mentally sane. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the people who own guns are mentally stable. Whether that is through screenings and background checks at gun shows, to an assortment of tests on people who own guns, something must be done to prevent these people from getting their hands on guns. This will not however solve the problem entirely, but is the best balance between safety of the people, and the security of their 2nd Amendment right.


Michael Kennedy