Q. T. California


We need to change the system of how we conserve our energy and reuse things so living would be much easier with fresh oxygen and no stress about the Earth.

Dear future president,

      Recycling has been a problem all throughout history, and I say do something about today's environment so that next generation would not have to worry about today's problem that should of been in the past. Recycling is good for the environment because it is a method of reusing materials that would otherwise be disposed in a landfill or incinerator. Discarded materials that contain glass, aluminum, paper, or plastic can be recycled by collecting and processing them into raw materials that are then used to manufacture new products. Recycling has many benefits: it saves money in production and energy costs, helps to conserve stocks of virgin resources, and decreases the amount of solid waste that must be disposed in landfills or incinerators. However, not a lot of people in America recycle a lot because of many reasons to be said. 

     One of the reason that America does not recycle is because whenever we see a bin, not even looking at color or the labeling the bin has on it, we throw the trash into any bin not thinking of what the bin is, and people are lazy as well. To resolve the problem, I say, citizens should be held accountable for their trash that they throw into the bins outside of their homes. We must charge the owners for throwing the trash into the wrong bin or not collect trash at all like people in Switzerland with a % of 52 waste recycled. Their country is most likely cleaner because of a better recycling process, while America has trash in the seas, not doing anything about it. It has hurtled  the environment at the same time without considering any thought about today's ecosystem, life, and how we live as a population, society. 

      There are many possible solutions for people to get engage for recycling. One possibility is to charge people whom has thrown the wrong items into the wrong bins. Charging people to actually recycle and get money in return, or the trash collector will not collect their trash and fine them. Another route that future president can go for is to remodel the bins, so that it is easier for visual learners to see what is needed to be thrown out in what bins. I really hope the next future president do something about the environment whether if it is to change the way of recycling in America, climate change so that future generation would not have to worry about today's problem currently, or convert the energy usage from fossil fuel to solar power, wind energy, wave power, hydro-power, and geothermal energy. If the future president touched about one of these topics it would really content me in the inside. Lets make a better future for generations above of us and easier life style for our life today!

Thank you for your time, Q.T.