Lilly L. Georgia

Climate change and Fossil fuels

The usage of fossil fuels in our world have rapidly increased, and the pollution given off is killing our environment. We need to cut down the use of fossil fuels.

Dear Future President,

Climate change is an increasing problem in our world. The massive usage of fossil fuels has a negative impact on our environment, and the more we ignore it; the more it affects our climate. Our society needs to come together to stop the continuous usage of fossil fuels.

Lately, industries have been booming. Factories are being built and more technology is being used. But the price that comes with it is the amount of fossil fuels being used. Our usage has sky-rocketed in the past 20 years, and the more we use, the more it hurts our environment. The problem is that we rely so heavily on fossil fuels, there’s not many ways we can stop using it. Right now, they are the most efficient use of power, so we use them for everything. Our industries and ways of transportation all rely on them. So it is our job to help the environment as best as we can.

What our environment needs is a new reliable source of energy that we use on a daily basis. Solar energy is an example of power that doesn’t give off pollution. Solar panels simply take energy from the sun and use it to source something. Other things such as cars may not be able to use solar power, so people have made the idea of water powered cars. If every car on the road were powered with water, there would be almost no problems with fossil fuels.

Today our world fills the air with pollution that is killing our environment. Between industrialization and transportation, many fossil fuels are being burned. Climate change is an issue that needs to be at the top of the fix list. Finding a new source of power is essential in keeping our climate stable, and if we don’t find it quickly, we could ruin our environment forever.