juan b. California

Deportation Separates Families.

Immigrants put so much effort to stay in America and make a living providing for their U.S. born children, but when one parent is deported, the other parent struggles to provide for the children, pay rent, and possibly go into poverty.

Dear Mr. President,

I feel you should focus on Immigration because deporting immigrants is separating families, causing riots, and U.S. born immigrant children have someone they call mom and dad. It may be illegal to have undocumented immigrants in America, but they made a living in America.

First, undocumented immigrants have been in America for years, made a living, and following the laws like any other american. If an immigrant family has settled, got a job and have a place they call home that’s something special and a milestone in their life. Deporting immigrants causes a big problem because when one immigrant gets deported, everybody gets mad and protests until someone fixes the problem. But the problem is always there in the families heart. Seeing somebody missing in their life because of immigration hurts everyone.

Second, every immigrant has a motive to keep their heads up and to not give up even if stereotypes keep them down. Americans believe that immigrants bring poverty, drugs, and violence. Immigrants have a lot to offer in America like agriculture, culinary arts, and culture.

Third, this emotionally matters to the world because if families are separated and deported from America, it leaves the rest at poverty because they still pay taxes, have a job, and care for their kids. In an article USA Today, a woman’s husband got deported and now she is a single mom taking care of her U.S. born children, she hopes that continuing paying taxes, having a job, and providing for her kids would give her somewhat of a legal status.

In addition, 3 teenagers had made it in America in Phoenix, Texas. All of those 3 teens had a story why they had came to America. They came to America for a better life and education. One of the 3 boys were abandoned by his mom while the other 2 had family members that had been deported. They have gotten a portable home passed down to them from a family member, they have been working on it, fixing it up, also been enrolled in school so they have been studying for school even if they didn’t know the language. The boys had to sacrifice some food money and money for books to pay for the rent and parking spot.

In conclusion, please help immigrant families stay together so they can make a living and have a life also provided for their kids.


Juan Jose Baeza 

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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