Luke Michigan

Immigration in the U.S.

My ideas on the controversial topic of immigration in the U.S.

Dear Future President

In order for a country to be in a stable place of democracy and debate, you need to be able to control the flow of illegal immigration into your country from all borders. In order to accomplish this “high bar” goal, you need a good immigration policy and a great populous to support your decisions. You need clearer requirements with harsh penalties, stricter border control, and no amnesty to start on the path to an end of illegal immigration. The first and one of the most important of these topics is the easier requirements.

With clearer requirements you can have more people opt to come here legally than illegally. While if you make it easier, you have to do a few more things. One is require all immigrants to serve at least 5 years in a state, national, or international position representing the U.S.. The second thing is that if any non-felony crime is committed by one of the immigrants, then that immigrant will be deported immediately back to their country of origin and will have to stay in that country in an equal time to their prison sentence. In the case of a Felony, the immigrant will be incarcerated. You must not have any felony criminal record and cannot be on any terror or criminal watch list in any country. In addition, you must know English, have a good understanding of American Society and Government, and apply and receive all permits that a non-immigrant would have(i.e. Drivers license, ID card, credit card, etc.) But this idea won’t completely curb all illegal immigration, so we need to have a stronger border.

A strong border is essential to stopping illegal immigration. If you divide the border up into sections, and then have specific agents patrol specific sections, then you can be able to monitor the border all at once. If an agent sees someone trying to cross the border or already has, they have to power to apprehend the person on site and have them deported to their country of origin. This would also require the hiring of many thousands of new agents into the force. There are about 20,000 agents on the border currently and my policy would triple that. But what do we do about all the people here illegally? We’ve got options.

The idea of amnesty is flawed. It basically says “If you managed to get past us, then you get to stay!” If you want to stay here and not be deported back to a country due to family or political issues, then the path to citizenship is always available if you are willing to do so. The Citizenship test and class should be applied for as soon as possible for you only have 1 year to be accepted into a class, otherwise you will be deported for illegal immigration and not taking action to become an American citizen. These classes will be sponsored and paid for by the U.S. government using hardworking taxpayer funds. Then those people will get jobs, pay taxes, and then circulate that money through the system and back to more immigrant classes, a circle of progress The class will consist of learning about America in the justice, political, and societal system. All of these things combined will make a much better situation on the borders.

With a great country comes a great responsibility. With a new system in place allowing clearer requirements with a few other things involved, a stronger border to curb even more illegal immigrants, and no amnesty allowed will help or even solve our problem. This system is a combination of many parties views and is a collection of all their good aspects. In conclusion, the problem of immigration has been going on for almost 100 years and needs to be solved before it becomes even more of a greater problem for the U.S. and many other countries.



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