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Letter To The President

Global Warming

Dear Next President,

Now I am sure that you are fully aware that global warming is an issue for not just us, but the rest of the world too. According to New York Times, we have the highest number of people who deny the fact that people are the cause of global warming. This is pretty sad since global warming is caused by Carbon Dioxide emissions, a gas we humans emit a lot of. From coal plants, which are the big factors, to things like every car that is nonelectric. Now that is all great news and all but why would you care. There is a civil war going on in Syria, and there are a ton of refugees that are in need of assistance. A little more than 13.5 million. There are a lot and countries, including ourselves, that are having trouble helping them out. Now imagine, ice caps melting and raising the sea levels on top of all of that. That would be catastrophic. We need to help stop global warming now.

To help solve this, we would obviously have to lower the emissions of Carbon Dioxide. A solution that I thought of would to make a change from dedicated coal plants for energy, to more cleaner energy sources like wind turbines, solar energy, and nuclear power. I will be talking about why this is a good idea and you, the President, should influence the change of this. Increase your info on clean energy how much is it to make is it efficient

Now you might be thinking, nuclear energy. That sounds the same, if not worse for the environment than coal factories. That is, for the most part, true. According to World Nuclear, radioactive waste is far less than wastes produced by fossil fuel generation. Nuclear factories emit almost to no Carbon Dioxide which is far better for this global warming issue then those filthy coal factories. Now what about the waste? Well still according to the same web source, World Nuclear, there are safe methods to dispose high-level waste. They say that the waste can still be used as a resource for even more energy. What about all of the rest of the waste? We could do what other countries do. Store it on at a on-site location that is safe and manageable.

Another way you could go, which in my opinion, is the safer and cleaner option is solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric energy. Hydroelectric energy is just a fancy word for water energy. The reason why this are safer and cleaner for the environment is because they produce lickity split of Carbon Dioxide. Using these sources of power exclusive or with the nuclear power energy would help the war against global warming. Also, if we do this, other countries might follow in our footsteps or something along those lines. Solar panels are one of the best ways for clean energy because they are renewables. As long as the sun is around, you get some energy. Same for the wind turbines and hydroelectric energy. As long as there is water and wind, which there should be, you will always get energy. And it is clean to. Win win I would say That was all information gathered from Listverse.

Now some people might say that this will be expensive to build all of this equipment to get more clean energy. Well that may be very true. Everything I have listed can be pretty pricey. But if we keep up with this plan and do it well. We will be saving money instead of having to shovel in fossil fuels every second to keep this country lit. If I were to estimate when we will start to see a change in money towards energy, I would say that it would be around 15-20 years. That is not to long really. And plus, less Carbon Dioxide emissions which means a more happy earth. Again, I would say a win win. Some proof that you save money you say. Well, for example, my family has solar panels and every month, we get money from PG&E because we are making more energy then we are using. So, thus, we are saving money.

Cleaner energy is definitely the way to go. And maybe if we do this, other countries will be like, “ Hey, that there America is trying to do something about global warming. Lets try to do better than them.” Something like that. Also, raising awareness that global warming is actual a thing would help to. So change us from being the 1st country to denying human interaction with global warming to the last.


Quinn Hawkins

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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