Helen California

One Way, One Dream

Immigrants need help with getting a better life.

September 6, 2016

Dear Future President,

You need to help with the problem of immigration. Many children from different countries come to United States every year. They are looking for a better life and to get new opportunities. Some of them escape from all their suffering, or they do not have enough to get by, and many are children. They cross the border alone, without an adult, without their parents, and that is too dangerous for them, and some people die when they try to cross the border. We do not all have the same opportunities and all of us need good things. I am Helen, and I am 14 years old. I am from Guatemala. I came to United States when I was 12 years old. I left my country because when I was 1 year old, my mother left me with my brothers, my aunt and my grandmother. I wanted to meet her, because I spent my whole childhood without her. I came illegally and the person who came with me was my aunt. Now I am with my mother and I am in 9th grade in high school. One of my dreams is to learn speak and write English.

According to “More Kids Coming To U.S. Illegally On Their Own”, by Stateline.org. Every day, 80 to 120 children cross the Texas border illegally. They do it by themselves. The life in our countries is very difficult, there are many gangs, and some of them sell drugs, and they steal from homes, they do not have enough money for their family, and they can not get a job, because their parents could not give them a good education. They start to work at the age of 12, selling cookies, chips, soda in the streets or sometimes they can not eat because they do not have money so they cannot buy food. When they come to United States, they cross mountains and deserts.The United States would have tried to deport children who immigrated on their own. This is important because all of these people work hard every day, and they need help. If one day we disappear or leave the country, what would happen with United States? We keep the country good, we are humans. I do not see the difference between us, we have feelings. We have a heart, so why they want us to leave the country? We need your help, we can be a family, love each other, and maybe if we are together, wa can make a good things for the country and for our families..

The article “People Fleeing Violence In Their Countries Need Protection.” Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are among dangerous countries on Earth. The reason why they cross the border is because they want a change in their lives. Many Central American countries have been taken over by gangs, some countries are controlled by bad people, that just hurt the community. Some people are criticizing us. Fernando Protti said “They are leaving for some reason,” There are many histories about some immigrants,how they felt when they left their family, how their work to have money for their people. “Let's not send back.” Fernando Protti said. It feels good that someone is defending us. If all the people thinks the same thing, we will create a good country. This is important because they can make a change in our lives, makes a good future, and help all these people that do not have nothing.

I hope that all of these people think the harm that they are doing to us, to send back all the immigrants to their own countries. Some of them need a work to help their family, to buy food, clothes and things like that. The fact that we are immigrants does not mean that they can treat us badly. All of us experimented hard moments, and sometimes we can not let them go. This life give us blows, it is too hard, but nothing is impossible, each one of us has something special to offer. We, “the immigrants” are fighters, we did good things in this country. We just want to be someone in this country, and to get freedom, we can make a difference. 



Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

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