David H. Georgia

Dear Future President

Many people cross borders daily. They harm our country all the time.

Dear future president,

Unauthorized immigration is a big problem in our country right now. About 720,000 people cross the Mexican-American border every year! Out of these several, some fail and try again. This is only the Mexican-American border. You need to stop all illegal immigration.

According to http://www.pewresearch.org/ about 13.3% of the people in the United States live here illegally. This many not seem too much as a percent, but is quite a lot in numbers. The number of illegal immigrants from Mexico adds up to about 11.3 million people. If this is never stopped the amount could go up. Once it gets too high it might not able to be fixed. It would be better for you to fix this problem now than possibly have our country slowly taken over by immigrants. Not only is this a problem in illegal immigration, what they do to our country is a bigger problem. They make up almost 3 million of our offenses, this is quite a problem. This is hurting our economy. These offenses and immigrants need to be stopped. If you remove these immigrants all of the offenses might stop.

First, we need to increase border security. This will at least slow it down a little. Some ideas that have been brought out might not work. Mr. Trump said that he would build a wall at this border. Not only will this not work, it would be a waste of money. One reason is because there already is a wall at this border. Instead of wasting money on another wall we should just increase the border security. On http://www.breitbart.com/ it is stated that nearly 60% of those who cross illegally are not caught. On https://www.reference.com/ it has been proven that almost 50% of those who are caught try again around the next week. Building a wall might barely lessen the amount of the people crossing the Mexican-American border every year. With strengthened security measures some of this problem could be solved.

After you have strengthened the security, you need to deal with some people already in the U.S. you would have to find all the illegal “citizens” and give them a citizenship or a visa to stay or you could just send them back so crime might lessen. Finding all these people might seem impossible and be a time-consuming job, but it is still doable. You could just choose not to do anything about the ones already in because you can’t do much about them. You could just save your time and focus more on the ones coming in. you could make a system that shuts down some of their belongings if they stay too long. You could probably make technology do all the work. With the current era of the “Internet of Things” you could make the technology “talk” to each other for them to shut down. By doing this they might notice that they can’t do much and they might return to their native country.

You should be the president that stops all of this nonsense. If you don’t stop this big problem then this country’s problem might end at a point where it can no longer be fixed. You have to stop these illegal immigrants from coming in, but you also have to allow the citizens to go in and out as they desire.

With sincere appreciation,


“Illegal immigrants are to immigration what shoplifters are to shopping.”

― Jerry Agar