Arnulfo G. Texas

Gun Laws Are Wrong

Pertains to our 2nd amendment and how much good firearms actually are.

Dear Future President,

There are many issues that people have with guns that I don't see in the same way. I have lived around guns my whole life and never had an accident occur because someone misused a firearm. I understand everyone makes mistakes, but this should not be the government's focus. They focus on the bad things about guns, how people misuse them, accidental shootings for mistaking firearms as toys. They need to focus on what good can come out of making it easier to own a gun.

Over the past twenty years, firearm sales have gone through the roof, increasing by 56%, while homicides pertaining to firearms are down 49% during that time, according to the American Enterprise Institute. This proves that the United States is becoming safer because citizens are exercising the right to buy firearms. Therefore, there is no need to have strict limitations on firearms, other than a background check.

The reason 265 children got their hands on guns in 2015 is because the parent did not go through enough to keep the it out of reach from the child. They should have the gun clear of any bullet in the chamber and have a gun lock on it. Anyone who knows about weapons knows it is crucial(in order to be safe) to have gun locks. This proves that the people owning the gun do not know how to manage a firearm. In order to prevent that, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives should enforce a one time, mandatory, class to help the buyer understand the dangers of misusing a firearm and teaching them how to handle them properly. I hope whoever the future president is, gets my message and makes this happen.

Sincerely, Arnulfo Garcia 

Galena Park High School

English II

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