Bre S. West Virginia

The Idea of Abortion

Is abortion really humane?

 When considering abortion, one shouldn’t think of only their life, because they are in fact carrying a child, a human life. Of course there are a few incidents where abortion shall be acceptable; rape cases, life or death matters, unknown incest. Aborting a child’s life simply because you no longer want to have that child, is inhuman.

If someone believes that they are grown enough to have sex, then they should be grown enough to have that child. There are plenty of preventative measures one can take in order to not become pregnant. If you know you can’t financially handle a child, then you could do have an alternative option, adoption. Some may not be smart enough to have their children, as we have seen many times.

Some may argue about the fact that it’s the woman’s body, yes, we know it is. Are you forgetting the simple fact that it is also the child’s body? She brought that life into this world, it’s her responsibility.

If abortion isn’t murder, then why is it a double homicide when a pregnant woman is killed? Because it is murder.