Geneva C. California

Police Brutality

We need to address the problem of police brutality by giving them more time off the streets.

Dear Next President,

 I am writing this letter to inform you about the problems that we are facing, I understand you are a busy person but there is a specific subject I would like to talk about and that is Police Brutality.

There are some police officers that are nothing like the police officers that think that just because they have the authority to arrest people, they have to arrest the people who are addicts or mentally ill. They treat them as garbage and send them to jail instead of a mental hospital or rehab center. The other reason I am writing this letter to you is because I believe that you have the right to know what has been going on lately. In other words there is too much racism against Blacks and Latinos. According to The the places that have suffered with Police Brutality are Baltimore, Fort Wirth, Austin,Texas, and Notably, each one of them had to pay for thedistruction that the police have caused. Baltimore had paid over 5.7 million of dollars, it’s unknown how much money the rest of the places had to pay over Police Brutality.

This issue matters because the people should have the right to speak their mind and demand a change in other to make America better than it has been in years before. Police Officers are suppose to protect us and are representing the government to show that they have a good reputation but recently there has been to many police killing or beating innocent people, recently there has been new website called Black Lives Matter it has been made to have citizens participate to stand up for the people who had a family member that had gotten shot by police officer.

In Allison Collins word’s there was a meeting to find solutions to end police brutality. They suggested that if police officers have gotten their guns taken away, there is going to be less war and more peace with everybody. In my personal opinion I believe that if police officers had more time on the bench meaning if they were put in a position to be working in the desk that would reduce police brutality. Also if police officers weren’t skeptical with other colored skin people like blacks and latinos there would be no need to take their guns out and shoot an innocent person who could be taking out the certain thing that the officer has asked that person.

In conclusion I believe that we should have a say in how we should live and that includes having a say on what we think of Police Brutality, we would like it if you had a states change their rules with the Police Departments it would change so many things around the world. Also many parents wouldn’t be scared about sending their kids to schools.

Sincerly, Geneva A. Cruz

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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