Alyssa S. Minnesota

Letters To Next President

Letter directed to the next President of the US about lowering cost of college education.

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on winning. You must have lots to do, and some new laws to consider, so why not resurface an issue everyone who wants a college education has, the price of after high school education.

According to George Bowden, writer and editor at Huffington Post, on having free education, “allows graduates to contribute to the economy,” and “free government could cost less than the government thinks”. By getting a college education, people get better jobs meaning they’re also paid more, which can help the economy since the students are able to pay off their student loan debts and bills from going to college.

Megan Dunn, vice president of National Union for Students, says “experts calculate that the government will lose more money than it would have saved by keeping the old £3,000 tuition fee system is 48.6%.” This shows that there is benefits to having cheaper or even free college education. Peter Jacobs, writer at Business Insider, shows the most expensive college in America costs more than $67,200.

There are a few different ways to solve this nationwide debate. There are ways such as taxing the rich, who are already more likely to get a college education since they are able to pay for it. You can also have businesses invest by paying for college, which helps the economy since they could get the proper education for the job the business is paying for.

In my family, my brother’s dad’s side of the family helped my brother with paying for college. He got a doctoral degree, and has been a scientist in Sweden and has got to go many places in Europe and all around the world because of his job. This shows what a college education can give you. Some people with educations have the ability to research and cure things like cancer, and other people that don’t have the possibility to get an education, could have the potential to do that, but they can’t without money.

Overall everyone that has a chance for education, should get them. Without one, good paying jobs are very hard to find. With one, people have many more opportunities. Having people educated farther than high school has shown many benefits. If college can’t be free, maybe you could help by cutting the cost in half.


Alyssa Smith

10th grade

St Paul, MN