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Say yes to illegal immigrants

we could save them by saying just yes

Dear Future President,

I believe that immigrants should come to different countries one of my bullet points is that many immigrants come to different countries because their family needs more money or their family needs a better education for their kids and family. But it we let them in we could fix there life and make it easier for them to give there kids a better education.

Issue number 1 is that people and are opposing to people that they can't live in a different state just because they don't have their papers in Mexico for example it takes 1 year just to get started it takes over 10000 people for getting started and to get your papers will take 8 years many people do this for a better life but if we let them go to different countries. For a high school graduated student would take 130 years for his papers to come and at that time the guy would be dead.

A interesting fact is that the pew research center survey they have found out that 72 majority of Americans including 86 percent of democrats and 80 percent of independents and republicans say that undocumented immigrants currently living in America and people trying to come to America are able to come to America if they want to. We are all humans we are all the same so why do we  say we are different when there is no such thing as


Gerardo Avila

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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