Donnie M. Minnesota

Informing Citizens About Guns

We need to make people understand the guns are dangerous and not something you want to play with.

Dear Next President,

My name is Donnie and I want to congratulate you in the past election. It is hard to win an election but with all of the hours and money you have put into this that is why you won. I want to discuss a topic with you and how I think this would help the nation. We need to inform people that guns are a dangerous thing that we need to understand.

We as a country need to understand that in everyday life there are things that can happen without us knowing. When we are in public we need to be prepared and be ready to protect our families. We need to step up on understanding guns.

There many concerns with guns. According to BBC, in 2015 there were 72 shootings and 475 people were killed. If there were more armed civilians, some of those lives could’ve been saved. But there were 12 mass shootings stopped by armed civilians, according to Controversial Times website. By those people who had concealed and carriers saved people's lives. This is why we need more trained good people with guns.

I looked at many polls and according to them, people are starting to feel protected if they knew someone in the same area as them had a concealed weapon. If bad guys keep getting guns through the black market and we can’t stop that don’t restrict people who don’t have anything on their record by reducing the clip and ammo sizes to certain guns. If someone decided to go into a movie theatre and started shooting people how would someone with five bullets in a handgun stop a person with thirty bullets in a automatic weapon. That is why we don’t want clip and ammo sizes reduced.

Another major concern is that we as people need to be taught how to use a gun safely and that we need to understand this could hurt someone really bad or kill them. So I think that if we were trained, we could stop mass shootings if more people know how to use these important things in our society.

Overall, I think we need to be taught how to use weapons and need to understand this could take someone's life by going to gun safety training. I think if we did these things and crack down on people buying and selling illegal guns we need to have a heftier price when it comes to jail time and punishments. Thank you for your time.


Donnie Mahowald, 10th Grade

Eagan, Minnesota 

Henry Sibley High School


Ms. Imm's American Lit classes

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