Alex M. Vermont

Wage Gap

9/18/16 Dear future president of the United States, Millions of women around the world do not make the same amount of money as men do. Did you know that women lose over $11,000 a year and women of color loose over $22,000 a year (according to Also “for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 77 cents”. This is completely unfair. For these reasons stated, equal pay must be recognized and put a stop to. As the president of the United States, you need to make a law to prevent this act from happening. You should care about this issue because you help the people, and as president it is one of your many jobs to make the citizens of the United States happy. We are thought to be a fair country, but currently is does not seem like it. According to the Economic Policy Institute, women earn on average earn $4 less per hour than men. This is approximately $19,333 less per year, that's a fortune over a lifetime. I care about this issue because I believe that everyone is valued the same, this is why you need to help value women's pay. We need a substantial law to help enforce this law, as president you can talk to businesses about equal pay and prove the points that i have showed you today. Many of these businesses will say as long as everyone gets paid it's fine, but it's not. Just imagine in 5 years, the effect that this will have on women across the world. Once you have done this, women wont have lost over $11,000, they will feel able to do just as many things as men can with money. Everyone is equal and everyone deserves to have equal pay. Alex