Grace Vermont

Transgender rights

Everyone deserves to be treated with equality and respect.

Dear Future President:

I believe that everyone should have equal rights. This includes, using public bathrooms, wearing what they want, and feeling safe walking around in public. Transgender people aren't being treated equally in the United States.

If you become president, it would be important to make it legal for transgender citizens to go into either gender's bathroom and feel safe, because everyone deserves to feel safe and equal. According to the book "Transgender People 14 Sept. 2016” A transgender woman in 2003 by the name of Gwen Araujo, a teenager from a small town in Northern California, was murdered by a group of young men who beat her to death with a shovel after discovering that she had male genitalia. Another assault was committed in one of Mcdonald's establishments, when a transgender woman by the name of Chrissy Lee Polis was approached by a guy asking how she was doing, she ignored him and entered the bathroom. When she was exiting the woman's bathroom, an 18-year-old woman spit in her face. Another girl, this time 14, came up and also spit in her face, and they both started ripping her hair, throwing her on the floor and kicking her in the face. Chrissy states that the girls got upset for talking to the man who approached her. When this happens most people just watch, others take videos or walk away.

As president, it would be your job to make sure that all of your citizens are safe. Transgender rights is an important and serious issue. Transgender people are targeted because other people see them as threats. It would be your job to prove to people that transgenders have the same rights as everyone else

I believe everyone should be treated equally and respectfully.


Grace Barrett