Xavier Q. Georgia

Income inequality

Income inequality is a major problem in the United States.

 To the Mr. or Mrs. president,

First things first, congrats on becoming our new president, so now my, and many other poor American citizens problem is now your problem, so thank you for dealing with our problem! So what I want from you, Mr. or Mrs. president is answers, since income inequality is taking my family down the road of homeless town where you never get money, and so I’m about to serve up a plate of issues many people have on to your plate of problems.

For starters, does anybody notice a gap between rich and poor just growing, and that it’s between our majorly different incomes? Here’s some proof from an article from issues.abc-cleo.com in an article that mainly states how the poor people in America income is MINIMUM AT BEST, and it’s making the gap grow. That gap can only be filled with money, yet my question is where is it coming from? This matters since that most poor Americans are under a minimum income, meaning after taxes are done, they don’t have enough money to survive on, so they end up homeless, so they’re begging for money on the streets.

Another thing, this may have been addressed during your run for office, yet some of us don’t really know what’s going on since we’re too poor to care. I tried to fix this website so many times during the research period, but it remained, so here is what the article from the website ww2.kqed.org claimed that the income between rich are getting farther apart and inequality is growing as well. Said again, you might’ve addressed this in your run for office, but I’ll repeat that some of us are too poor and that we can’t afford many televisions, so I’ll bring it up again. This is being addressed again since you lied and said you’ll fix it, and all that’s happening is that it’s getting worse, and all you’re doing is enjoying life in the white house getting paid.

Okay by now you should be considering on doing something, but I’m about to bring out a dish of proof that something needs to be done. This article from elections.kqed.org has an organization called CalSpeaks holding a surveyed hundreds of voters in California about one major problem in your country, and two-thirds believe that income inequality is a major problem. This is two thirds of hundreds of Californian voters, regardless of race, political affliction, age, and most importantly income level. Don’t you see that hundreds of people, poor Californians and rich Californians, believe in one thing is a major problem, and I’m addressing it to you.

So anyway, good luck dealing with a new major problem in the United States. Also, again congratulations on having the whole country to lead, so don’t blow it.