Mia C. California

Don't Forget About the People Who Didn't Give You Money

Those who may not be the most politically or financially in your campaign due to poverty are the ones who need your help and advocacy the most.

Dear Future President,

Right now we are fewer than 40 days from an election that will go down in one of most memorable elections in all of history. I am 16 years old, and I can assure you that this election season has been the most tension filled and polarizing as this one in my life thus far. This past year people have been rioting in the streets and protesting in front of government buildings, demanding to be heard. The American Public at large has been invested in the success of our governmental system since its creation, but this election season we have seen an enormous increase in grassroots groups pushing their way to the forefront of the political arena. 

These outspoken groups are integral to American democracy, and I know they are finally being heard loud and clear after years of struggling to be recognized as more than just statistics. But, there are still groups of people who remain silent, not due to choice. I urge you to pay special attention to minority groups who do not have the funds or political platform to demand more from their government. I am talking about immigrant children, the homeless, and other groups so impacted by their disadvantages that they have not been able to successfully gain mainstream media's attention as much as other movements.

Also, I understand that you may people indebted most to those who donated to your campaign, but please do not forget those who couldn't physically donate because of their disadvantages. I know that money is integral to your campaign and ability to get your messages out to make it into office, but you are the president for all citizens not just those who can and do write you a large check.

Finally, I wish you much luck in your four years as president! You have been entrusted with lots of responsibility that I know you are equip to handle. The American Public awaits your inauguration into office with the nervousness and excitement that I am sure you possess!


Mia Coates

Marlborough School

AP World History Period B

Letters to the Next President

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