Tally S. California

Dear Future President (Education Costs)

This is a letter to whoever becomes the President in which I discuss the issue of the cost to attend colleges and universities.

Dear Future President,

My name is Tally Scott and I am a high school student from central California. I would like to start off by saying that, as the President of the United States, it is your job to make our country better and stronger, and I expect that will be your focus. I am writing this letter to discuss a current problem with our society, with the hope that you will do something to end it.

The issue I would like to address is the cost to attend colleges and universities. As a student who will soon be starting college myself, I am concerned that it will be difficult for my family to afford. I feel that everyone should have an equal opportunity to be successful, regardless of their family's financial situation. Essentially, I don't think that children born into a low-class lifestyle should have no choice but to remain living that way for their entire life, especially when they are willing to work hard to improve their situation.

There are countless people in America who are extremely intelligent and creative, who would do a lot to help make this country better and more successful, provided they are given an equal opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, many of these talented individuals are denied such an opportunity because of financial reasons - factors completely out of their control. Are we simply supposed to never know what they would have done for America, and possibly the entire world? Perhaps somewhere there is a boy who has an idea of how to end global warming - one that will actually work - but nobody takes him seriously because his parents are addicts who can't afford to send him to college. Maybe there's a girl who has lived in poverty her entire life and isn't even planning to go to a university, when she has invented time travel and just needs the resources to make it a reality. We will never know if we don't give them a chance.

The bottom line is that denying students the opportunity to attend college because of their financial situation will not only take away the hope of these students, but it will also prevent this country as well as the whole world from benefitting from their talents and ideas. I hope that you will consider what I have said, and that it will convince you to stand up for those who can't do so for themselves, and, in turn, make our country all the better for it.


Tally Scott