Anthony M. California

Police Brutality

Letter to the president about police brutality

Dear Future President,

It seems that during this time that people are falling victim to police brutality. There are constant news reports on the news about how someone was killed by the police. Because of this many people in the U.S. feel that it is unsafe to step outside their homes without them being assaulted by a police officer. Some people even think that the police should be put in check, due to their actions. My question for you is, how will you be able to solve the problem of police brutality in the U.S.? How will you regulate the actions of a police officer?

One of the many examples of police brutality is the death of Michael Brown. Brown was killed even though he was unarmed.What will you do with these kinds of police officers? Also how will you deal with officers who are racist towards others? Racism from police officers can lead to them killing others just because they were a different race. What will happen to these officers if they are caught being racist towards a citizen. I hope that you will be able to answer my questions.

Sincerely, Anthony M.