Mayran H. Missouri

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Parents in a situation like poverty cannot just be careless of their kids.

Dear President,

I have concerns about child poverty and what parents can do to help their children so they are not in the same situation. 

About 15 million children live in the United States (21% of all children) live in families with income below the federal poverty threshold. Parents should make sure their kids get a good education, take them to shelter or food drives to get food and clothes when they need it, so their lives are better when they get older. There was a boy named Daryl who was born into poverty, Daryl’s parents never really payed any attention to him. He hung out with the wrong people and got bad grades, Daryl ended up dropping out of school and living in poverty. What this story really means is that parents in a situation like poverty can not just be careless of their kids. If they want them to succeed, they have to work with them while they’re young because what they're taught when they’re young is what they will be when they get older. Parents then may be given their children a better life then they had when they were young.


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I’m already struggling

Now I’m hustling to get away from you.

Most children who live in poverty have parents that didn’t receive a high school diploma. According to the article “Parents’ Low Education Leads to Low Income, Despite Full-Time Employment” by Ayana Douglas-Hall and Michelle Chau, “73% of children whose parents have less than a high school diploma live in low-income families.” Children can’t be careless while their parents are struggling to give them a better life and education, but parents can’t give up on them and quit. They wouldn’t want their children to live the same lifestyle. 

Thank you President for taking time out of your day to read my concern.



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