Khloe G. California

Climate Change and Global Warming

This biggest issue affecting our nation today is climate change and global warming. We need to take drastic measures to reduce the pollution we emit into our atmosphere and find renewable resources before it is too late to reverse the damage we've done.

Dear Mr. or Madame President,

My Name is Khloe Green, and I am junior at Marlborough located in Hancock Park, California. The most important issues to me that I feel you should address are global warming and climate change. I find this issue to be important because we are slowly killing our earth and we need to do something about it. The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas are being emitted as greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, while at the same time trapping the heat from exiting our atmosphere. The effects of global warming can cause tropical storms, heat waves, and forest fires which are very destructive to the environment. Humans are producing a lot carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, much faster than the rate at which plants and the oceans can absorb them, giving an unequal balance to a normal process of nature. This effect is causing the earth to become hotter and hotter, slowly melting the ice caps and glaciers, and soon making sure there will be none left. If this happens, many different species of animals will be left displaced without a home and even some will become extinct.

As president, I hope you can find a way to implement clean energy sources that will benefit our nation so we donโ€™t use as much power or electricity, and use more renewable resources, like wind or water. I also hope that you can better the United States of America, and that you will consider my opinions on climate change to reduce the production of air pollution. The unclean air trapped in the atmosphere causes people to breath in harsh chemicals, and many are dying due to asthma and other respiratory diseases from it. We need to stop putting dirty and dangerous chemicals into our environment because they are killing us, and our Earth.

Thank you for your time,


Khloe Kimberly Green


Marlborough School

Modern World History Honors Period C

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