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Lower the Costs!!!

College tuition is really expensive now and the government should try to lower the costs.

Dear Mr. President, 

Colleges are expensive. The tuition is the most expensive, but there are other things that you need to pay, such as transportation, housing, textbooks, school utensils, and other things. But, that can be put aside, since this letter is going to focus on college tuition.

Some students don't have enough money to go to college due to these high rates. Even if they had enough money, I don't think they have enough money to pay for next year. Parents have to work hard every year to save enough money to pay for their child's college tuition. That puts a lot of stress on the parents. Also, parents don't have enough time to spend time with their kids if they are going to spend most of their time at two or more jobs. If a family has more than one kid, the tuition would cost more, depending on the number of kids has in the family.

I did a little research on college tuition and here's what I found. A website from Penn State has records of how much tuition cost in the 1900s. The fee was $150 to $200. The tuition itself cost $36,208. Other colleges are more expensive or cheap, depending on which college you want go to. Another example is UC Berkeley. Their tuition is $13,510 in 2016, which is cheaper than Penn State in 1900s, but still expensive.  

My point is that students should go and have an education and pay a minimum price to do so. So Next President, would you want to have future generations thrive and learn a lot at a young age? Or make students pay a lot just to attend college, unlike their elementary, middle, or high school years?

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