Lakaylah California

Legalization of marijuana

It is too risky

Hi, my name is Lakaylah , I am currently a senior in High School, and I want to start off by congratulating you on winning the presidential election and I hope to have an amazing next four years with you. Before this year I haven't been super invested in the presidential election but due to the intensity of the election and enormous controversy about who would be the next president I have become really invested in politics in the social conflicts in our world. 

The biggest conflict that I am concerned about and I hope you invest some of your time in is the state and federal laws revolving around Marijuana. I personally feel that marijuana should not be legalized because its a gateway drug that leads people to other substances that can become more detrimental to the human body. Growing up in my community I have seen a lot of lives change and go from good paths to bad in a matter of years due to drugs. And what seems like a harmful drug (marijuana), has caused me to see lives be consumed and later taken because of addiction. Especially in high school, as I walked down the streets surrounding my school I've seen scholars being dragged by their never ending feeling into the cuts of the neighborhood to "get high." And once that feeling becomes old they find a more powerful substance to consume their bodies in order to get through a whole day of school. 

To me this is sad but a topic that needs to be addressed in order for the world to open its eyes and see marijuana for what it really is. This is my calling for the help of you, new president. Guide the U.S in a great change to end the use of marijuana for the sake of the people and the many more generations to come. Thank you for your time