Matthew A. California

Marine Debris

The ocean is filled with garbage that we throw away every year. We can help stop this from happening by taking care of our environment

Dear, Mr. President

Slowly everyday plastic is being dumped into the ocean. Plastic harms the coral reefs and sea creatures eating or getting stuck in it. Estimates show that plastic marine debris kills over 100,000 marine turtles and mammals. Debris in the ocean, is dangerous for the marine life.

Plastics, metal, rubber, cans, and man made items get thrown into the sea. Marine life eats those items, that could damage their digestive system. “We’ve known for years that microplastics - tiny particles that include the microbeads sometimes present in products like face wash and toothpaste - wind up in the stomachs of fish” (Hanson 1). Fish eat the plastic as food, but by eating more of it, it might cause malnutrition. “Reefs are also threatened by nutrient runoff from farms and lawns and from industrial chemicals, as well as overfishing of the wildlife that call the reefs home.”(National Geography) The chemicals from farms, lawns, and industries are slowly killing coral reefs in Australia. “Most marine debris (80%) comes from trash and debris in urban runoff” ( People in cities are tossing garbage into the ocean and on the ground, without knowing what it can do.

One solution for this is we can help clean the ocean. Talk to the community about the problem. So we can recruit people to help clean our beaches. Another idea is traveling to the ocean to clean up plastic debris. A third Idea is to talk to world leaders about the marine debris and plastics problem.

Coral reefs and sea creatures are being harmed by plastics floating in the ocean. It's dangerous for marine life with plastic debris around in the ocean. Plastics can cause ecosystems to fall, marine life to die, and our water to be polluted. Help the environment be a clean and healthy place Mr. President.

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8th Grade ELA

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