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Minor league baseball players should be paid more

Minor league baseball players need more money

Dear Donald Trump:

Minor league baseball players get paid under the legal minimum wage! Minor League baseball is a series of levels before baseball players reach the Major Leagues. It is usually where high school and college baseball players go after they are drafted, no matter how good they are. Minor leaguers need to be paid more.

Lack of money affects most minor league baseball players. Even if baseball earns 9 billion dollars yearly, lower level minor league baseball players earn just 1100 dollars a month for five months ( That is less than 7 dollars an hour! They can’t even pay for proper food, so they might lose healthy weight or gain fat. Even if Baseball says minor league baseball would collapse if its players were paid more, some minor league teams earn over 4 million a year ( Some players don’t even earn enough to support their families. I heard that at least someone quit because of that reason. If more good players would do that, MLB might miss out on some good talent.

A way to solve this is to require minor leaguers to be paid minimum wage. That would only cost around 2 million dollars ( That would probably be peanuts to 9 billion dollar Major League Baseball. That would let minor leaguers eat better food, live in better housing, and get better training, leading to better performance, bringing money to both Minor and Major League Baseball, leading to a win-win situation.

 Minor league baseball players aren’t getting paid enough for their needs. Paying them more would solve that. Healthier baseball players would be better for baseball, it’s fans, and it’s players. People unable to support their families and being cheated out of money is never a good thing. Help change this and give minor league baseball players what they deserve!                                                                         Sincerely, Sumay

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