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Gun Control

We do not need any more gun control laws

Gun Control

Dear Next President,

I don’t think we need any new laws on gun control. We need to inform the citizens that firearms will protect if being safely used. We should promote our people to carry guns if they have gone through safety training and have had their backgrounds checked.

I feel that taking away guns would be unsafe. We need to keep our people armed for our well-being. From what I read on (no author listed) there are some wonderful things that come out of citzens carrying guns. “States that implement “shall issue” conceal and carry laws reduced murders by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7%, and robbery by 3%...” As you can see having the right people carry guns can lessen crime. Encouraging people to carry guns could decrease our crime rate even more. Police can’t be everywhere at once. If more people start to carry guns I believe that less people will commit a crime because there is such a good chance someone has a gun on them.

I believe that we need to keep our citizens armed. We need to encourage our citizens to carry guns for protection. In an article I read on (no author listed) we can see that more restrictive laws on firearms can raise our crime rates. “A 2013 peer reviewed study in Applied Economic Letters, found that between 1980 and 2009 states with more restrictive CCW (carrying concealed weapons) laws had gun-related rates that were 10% higher.” States that had tougher laws on conceal and carry had 10% higher crime rates. This proves that arming our citizens is beneficial to lowering crime rates. I believe that people who want to get there conceal and carry aren’t criminals. They are good people who just want to protect their family and country.

I don’t think we need any new laws on gun control. So please next president would you be so kind as to promote citizens carrying guns if properly trained with clean criminal histories.



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