Dawson Minnesota


Blacks lives matter protesters are getting violent!

Dear President

I think everything with the black lives matter is getting out of hand and it need to stop. There are some crooked cops and a lot of good cops, and with that there are some bad people but there are a lot of good people too. It only takes a few to make them all look bad. Plus with the media putting only the bad things on the news and none of the good things, and most of the the time they cut to conclusions way too quick and don't have the facts.

Things that I think could make this problem better is it should be illegal for the media to lie and be bias towards one sided and the federal department should be the first one to announce what happened and tell the real truth on it.

What they are calling protest is not protesting at all it's a mess of people rioting towns and vandalizing anything they want to. You should make it illegal for these groups to get together and do these so called “protesting” things. It also should be illegal to block traffic, because blocking traffic doesn't make a point to anyone, they could be blocking off someone that agrees with them. Also it is very dangerous to do it could put others in danger. So my point is if they want to protest they should do it in a more organized fashion and not be burning down building and killing other people.