Perla Minnesota


There is a lot of racism in this country, and it seems to only be increasing as the days progress. I believe racism shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, at any time, against anyone, and it should really be enforced. Racism creates low self esteem which leads to barriers between people of different race. I feel that children shouldn’t feel afraid to go out and spend a day at the park without the fear of being threatened by anyone, especially the police. On The Daily Mail, children from all different backgrounds were interviewed and filmed to see how they felt about racism. An identified twelve year old African American boy admitted “I feel a little scared if I just walk down the street... You know, cops might just think I'm doing something bad, and then if I try to explain to them [that I'm not], they won't listen and they'll just start beating me up and doing terrible things to me.” This is a prime example of what children in our generation shouldn’t feel. They shouldn’t feel like they have to hide or always be proving themselves just because they are of a different skin color. According to “Racism is a social construct that is negative in all aspects of social interaction, social systems, and social construct. The way that beliefs, ideology, norms and values are shaped become distorted and deviant in a racist social structure.” This means that it has a negative effect on all aspects of socializing with people of other race, and that is what we shouldn’t be having to deal with in this nation, a barrier that keeps us from communicating with each other on all different aspects and regarding different topics. So, Dear New President, Take a stand and enforce racism, because it will never be okay in any way, shape, or form. Especially if it’s frightening the youth of this country, and creating a huge barrier between all of us. Sincerely Perla 10th Grade West St. Paul, Minnesota