Finn M. Minnesota

Discrimination needs to be stopped

In our society people get offended really quick. We need to work together to stop this problem.

Dear future president,

In my opinion one of the biggest issues in our society right now is that all groups of people, whether they're white, black or Asian, get offended really quick. Often it's even about very minor things. Reasons for that are religion, politics, race and gender.

I want you, our future president to work on finding a solution for this problem.

I know a lot of this happens on social media and the internet in general, so it might be hard to control, since we have the freedom of opinion which, don't understand me wrong, is really good! But as soon as someone is offending, discriminating or attacking someone else it should be stopped. On the other hand many people need to stop taking things to personal and seriously and just accept that different people have different opinions.

So try to build up a nation in which everybody is welcome and people don't only care about themselves but also about others and appreciate their culture. Just imagine how boring the world would be if everyone would belong to the same religion, like the same stuff and live the same life.

You could achieve that by making racism and discrimination a high degree crime. Like making them pay a fine. People will stop doing it, because they don't want to get in trouble.

Racial discrimination shouldn't exist in any country, but it does in every single one so we should learn how to work together and to avoid judging others.