Jordan Minnesota

President letter

I wrote a letter on what I believe should be done in the new United States such as dealing with the group called ISIS to the income of health care

I hope that when you become president you put the people of America first before you self. Because we need a lot of big changes to America. One major thing that needs to be changed is we need to end the war between the United States and ISIS, just so no more innocent people get killed for doing what they like to do like in Florida at the nightclub, and the massive shooting in France, and a bomb in an airport. If that means bombing Isis with an atom bomb just like the way we did to Japan in WWII then do it. Or if that means flying over their base and causing airstrikes the do it. I don't want to sound like a terrorist but I don't want to have my family die for not being a Muslim just like what happen in Saint Cloud Minnesota, when he walked around asking people if they were Muslim and if they weren't he would stab them in the gut or upper chest.

I would also like for you to get rid of this stupid Obama care so my parents don't lose their jobs or don't go bankrupt. My parents shouldn't have to pay more money just for health care, they should pay just as much as they were before. They have taxes just like everybody else in America. I believe that if we keep the Obama care there are going to be less jobs, and for us students and our parents, our health care money that our parents already pay is going to go up by a lot of money. And then when we start to pay for our insurance it's going to be sky high. Tell me why it's fair that we have to pay so much money for our health care but the government doesn't have to pay a dime.

I really hope you take this letter into consideration so my parents don't run out of money and we end up going homeless and me and my brother can't continue school and then can't afford college. I really like America and were I live but I really don't agree with some of the rules and laws that we have here.


Jordan Haley