Gun Control

September 29, 2016 Dear Future President, The President of the United States should be concerned with many issues. Towards the top of your list of concerns, should lie gun control. Carrying a concealed handgun in public between the ages of 16 and 23, depending on the state, is an individual liberty. Taking away this liberty means taking away our second amendment right which is something completely against what America stands for. Some people believe abolishing this amendment will create a safer country. However this information isn't true. In 2013, there was a study done that found that with more restrictions and bans on weapons, there was increased gun-related murders. If the United States makes having a gun a crime, only criminals will have guns. If anything it would just create more danger here. For example, in 2015, proposition 47 reduced the penalty for possession of a stolen gun to a misdemeanor from a felony. How is that making our country safer? When we are limiting the rights of law abiding citizens. Laws like this are making it easier for criminals and harder for the rest of us. if this continues, there will be an equivalent punishment for possession of a stolen gun as there is for a regular citizen to possess one at all. Having a gun, for many people, is for protection. So, if they were put in a situation where they would have to use a gun, he or she will have the ability to at least own one. Another misconception some have is that if anyone has a gun, they will start killing people. However guns don't kill people, people kill people, and the people that own guns legally, would’ve gone through a background check which lessens the chance of a crazy freak owning a gun. Majority of the citizens legally carrying a concealed handgun obey the laws and do not misuse their firearms. Meaning, the truly dangerous people that are carrying guns, own them illegally! If you do not enable law-abiding citizens to own guns, it will not help this problem in any way shape or form.

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