Sean M.

Racial Discrimination

A little bit about possible solutions to police brutality.

Dear Future President:

Whoever you may be I hope that you are concerned with how to fix the racial issues and the violence that is going on in this country. The violence is tearing this country apart from the inside out and we need to restore the trust between the police and the community. There is a growing unrest and we need to solve it. If we can not trust the police to protect us and keep us safe then who will?

I’m not saying all police are bad but we need to solve this. If we can take away guns from the wrong people this may help the problem. I’m not for taking away the second amendment but we need to take away guns from the wrong people. I think we should include more body cameras on police and on patrol cars to see what actually happens. If we don’t have cameras how will we know what is actually happening and how will we be able to know if the cop was just doing his job properly or not?

Another thing that may help this problem is better training for police. More training would mean officers would not panic in situations and act more calmly and professionally. This would mean less brutality and none of these problems would happen. Possibly this might restore the peace and bring the country back together. The unity would be great for this country and the protests would stop and we could all be together as one country


Sean M.