Roberto B.

Deportatoin and Immigration

That we should do something about all of the illegal immigrants

Dear Mr President,

According to the migration policy institute “there are about 42.4 million immigrants who lived in the United” there a lot of people illegally coming to the united states and there are a lot of them and you should do something about them coming over to the u.s. And messing up jobs and taking them from people who need more of a job than them. Also a majority illegal immigrants don’t usually pay their taxes according to the migration policy institute (MPI). many people in my family came to the u.s. Illegally and this has affected our family because there kids need somewhere to stay before their parents comeback and a lot of people accused my parents of being illegal immigrants. Mr.President you should do something about the hundreds of people coming and taking jobs and from the drugs coming over.

There was one time my cousins and her kid got deported to tijuana and she had to come back here with a fake identity so did her kid when they went through customs she was asked who her teacher and where she live she was told a fake address but she told them she live in san diego and my teachers name was this and her name was alex so they got sent back. We had to help them get papers so they could come back. also deportation and immigration affects a lot of kids because they lose their parents and home and have to go to foster care.